RFID Studies and Comparisons



RFID has a wide variety of implementation possibilities. This page is dedicated to showing its possibilities and will hopefully grant you more insights in the world of RFID.


Case Studies

The world of RFID is intangible for most people and more and more research is being done on its possibilities and applications. This page will state current developments within the RFID market and will elaborate topics and questions new in the market.



The correct hardware is the lifeline of each RFID set-up. With all the differences in available equipment comes the difficulty of selecting the right equipment for your application. This page will elaborate on the matter of hardware equipment and will guide you to the best selection.



Selecting the most efficient tag for your application can be a difficult thing to do. Each set-up will need extensive testing before finding the most optimal tag. Choosing the most optimal tag out of the high tag variety will be made less difficult with the use of this page.



RFID technology itself has no function without being processed by software. The technology can be implemented by connection with your current corporate software but you could also choose to go for a complete new software tracking solution.