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Portal Inventory Tracking

Portal inventory tracking allows you to create a 100% accurate view of your inventory. From entrance portals to corridor zones, all your tagged products are visible in the ERP. All incoming and outgoing products are double-checked without any human intervention. In their simplest form they are low-cost, easy to install and reliable.


Event – Crowd Tracking

Organizing densely crowded events is very difficult. Through crowd tracking, you have more control over the event. It also allows you to gain more visibility about more and less densely areas, so people can be warned in advance. Every person can be tracked individually and therefore you can personalize your marketing strategies.


Time Tracking

Through time tracking, it is possible to track your progress. Whether you are a race organizer or runner, this data may lead to improvement in the next event. Measure the race more accurately for better practices. It is easily applicable for every type of race.


Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility of the products and knowing in what stage of the chain they are based are essential. With a complete track and trace system, you will know the exact location of every item. Supply chain visibility makes it available to perceive better customer experience and will improve the internal business processes.